Top 3 Tips to Care for Your Healing Crystals

Top 3 Tips to Care for Your Healing Crystals

If you love crystals, chances are you have more than you know what to do with…not that there’s anything wrong with that! But when your collection begins to spill out into every room of your home or apartment, caring for your precious gems can become a bit of a challenge.

But how can you keep all of your gorgeous stones in tip top shape?

Cleansing and energizing your stones goes a long way to keeping your crystals happy as well as ensuring that the energy in your space stays positive and enjoyable. There are a variety of ways to cleanse your stones, but some are definitely simpler and more effective than others.


Cleansing Your Healing Stones

Smudging your crystals with sage, palo santo, or sacred herbs is a great way to ensure that your stones are filled with only positive, vibrant energy as it removes energy that’s not for your highest good. It is also a convenient cleansing method because you can cleanse a large group of crystals at once (as well as your space!) which saves tons of time if you have a large collection. This method of cleansing is one of the oldest known purification practices, and it is very effective. However, you do need to be mindful if smudging around those who have asthma or who are fragrance-sensitive.

Another quick and effective way to cleanse your crystals is to use sound vibration. Singing bowls, gongs, bells, chimes, and drums are all powerful tools for space clearing, but they can also be used to cleanse your stones. Simply sound the instrument a few times near your stones and allow the waves of sound vibration to move through the crystals, clearing them of any energy that’s not for your highest good. This method is safe for all crystals (and people!) and can be used to cleanse a large group of stones all at once.


Energizing Your Healing Stones

To energize your healing stones, you can place them in the sun- or moonlight to charge them up with energy. Masculine energy stones work best when charged with sunlight, while more feminine, receptive crystals correlate better with moon energy. Remember to use caution when placing your stones in the sunlight; some crystals will fade over time. Colorful, transparent or translucent stones like Amethyst, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Celestite, and more will begin to lose their color if kept in the sunlight for too long. Moonlight is a bit more gentle and won’t fade your crystals, as long as you remember to retrieve them before the sun comes out for the day.


Storing Your Crystals

When storing your crystals, be mindful of how you group them together in order to prevent chipping and breakage. It’s best to keep rough and tumbled stones separated so as not to scratch your tumblies or chip your raw crystals. You may also want to consider the hardness of the stones you’re keeping together (according to the Mohs’ Hardness Scale) so that your harder stones don’t scratch softer gems. The best way to store large, fragile crystals is on a shelf in a place of prominence in your home where they will be separated from other stones that may damage them.


Ritual for Charging Your Crystals Under the Full Moon

Choose a few of your favorite crystals (the ones you use most frequently for healing work) and set them aside. Place a piece of white or silver fabric on your windowsill or outside on a patio or porch. White and silver resonate with the energy of the moon and will draw in its energy. Place your chosen crystals on top of the fabric while holding the intention that they be charged by the energy of the full moon. Full Moon energy is associated with abundance, wholeness, and completion. It’s best if you have a specific intention in mind for the qualities that you’d like these crystals to take on when they absorb the energy of Mother Moon.  For example, if you’d like to use your crystals for manifesting more abundance, your intention may be something like, “These crystals are charged with the abundance of the full moon, to call in that which is for my highest good and to assist me with manifesting it into my life.” You can make this intention statement as specific as you like.  As you place each crystal onto the cloth, speak this statement aloud. Allow the crystals to sit in the moonlight overnight, and remove them from the cloth the next morning.

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