Humans have been practicing the art of crystallomancy (a form of scrying divination using a crystal ball) also know as crystal ball reading, for hundreds – if not thousands of years.


How to Perform a Crystal Ball Reading Step-by-Step - Love and Light School

John Dee’s Crystal Ball at the British Museum

One of the most famous crystallomancers was John Dee, advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.  Dee practiced his art in the 16th century, but is still known today for his wise counsel.  His crystal ball and other divination tools, like his Obsidian scrying mirror, can be seen on display at the British Museum.

Gazing into a crystal ball takes patience and practice. You may need to form a relationship with your crystal ball before any meaningful images appear. You should always treat the crystal ball with respect as it is a powerful divinatory tool.

It is best to use the crystal ball only after you have cleansed yourself and your space. If you are not serious about the reading, or if you are in a negative state of mind, you should wait until a later time to attempt a reading, as you will likely not receive accurate information when your energy field is clouded or when you’re ungrounded.

How to Perform a Crystal Ball Reading (Step-by-Step):

  1. Cleanse yourself, your sacred space, and your crystal ball.  If you need more information, check out this article about how to cleanse your crystals.
  2. Sit within your sacred space and formulate an open-ended question about which you require guidance or information.  It may be helpful to write this question in your crystal journal so you know exactly what was asked when you go back to reference the reading in step #8.
  3. Dim the lights and place a small source of light, like a candle or Himalayan salt lamp, off to one side where it will not interrupt your field of vision.
  4. Gaze at the ball and allow your eyes to go in and out of focus.
  5. Allow your mind to absorb any images or symbols that appear within the crystal ball.
  6. When you feel you have received the information you needed, cleanse your crystal ball once again.
  7. Take a moment to write in your crystal journal about the images or symbols that appeared within your crystal ball.
  8. The day after your reading, return to your journal and attempt to interpret the meanings of the images and symbols that were presented to you.  If you’re having trouble interpreting the meanings of these symbols, reach for an Amethyst or Ametrine stone to help activate your intuition so that you can understand the hidden meanings within each image and how it relates back to your question.

Most commonly, you will observe symbolic images within your crystal sphere, although as you become more advanced, the images may become more literal. Symbolic visions should always be interpreted according to your current life situation.

Remember, this is an art – it takes patience and practice.  If you don’t see anything within your crystal ball on the first few tries, don’t get discouraged.  It’s best to limit yourself to no more than one reading per week, but be sure to check in at least once every few months to maintain a connection to your crystal ball.