It can certainly be fun and exciting to work with your crystals for healing, balance, manifesting, and meditation, but to change things up, I decided to incorporate some crystals into a few crafty projects to keep me busy during the cold winter months when I can’t enjoy digging around in my garden.  I scoured all corners of the internet for fun, crystal-themed projects (hooray for crystal healing crafts!), so I thought I’d share my top 5 favorites with you here.


#5: Raw Crystal Necklace Display by Jessi Gilbert (via

This project is SO super cute and simple enough for anyone to do.  If you’re like me and your jewelry box looks more like a bejeweled bird’s nest of tangled chains and gems, then this is a MUST do project.  Plus, it looks super chic and brings some additional crystal energy into your space (not to mention the excellent feng shui energy that’s created when you get organized and declutter).


#4: Gemstone Picture Frame by Rachel (via

I ADORE this picture frame and love that it could be customized with any type of crystal ships you choose to bring in just the right kind of energy you want.  This would look great in your home, but could also be used in your healing space or office.  You could even use it in a waiting area to frame some information about your rates or services, or display it proudly in your booth at a wellness fair.  Super cute.  Super simple.


#3: Raw Crystal Wine Stoppers by Glitter Guide (via

I am completely in love with these cute wine bottle stoppers.  Not only would they make a great gift, but think of all of those good crystal vibes surrounding your favorite glass of red indulgence.  They’re super easy to make, and with only two other supplies needed, you can really splurge on getting some killer crystals to add a little sparkle and bling to your decor.


#2: Crystal Macrame Necklaces by MacK Mars (via

These trendy necklaces are totally rocking the boho look that’s so popular right now.  I am absolutely in love with these.  I may not have the patience to make them myself, but I would certainly wear one of these beauties!  I love how both the rough stones and the points look when wrapped in the delicate thread – these are definitely a great project to try out (plus they’d look super fun paired with the Raw Crystal Necklace Display from #5 in this round-up).


#1: Gemstone Soaps by Erica (via

These are SO amazing and absolutely deserve the top spot in the Crafting with Crystals Round-Up.  They are super fun with their bright colors and can be customized with your choice of essential oil fragrance.  Seriously…how fun are these?!?!?!  These little soaps would look great in your own home, but would also make awesome gifts or even party favors.  I think I’m in LOVE!


Well that’s all for the round-up.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these DIY Crystals crafts.  And who knows… maybe you’ve even started thinking about ways to put your own unique spin on these projects.  If you want to keep up to date on all of the fun crystal-themed DIY projects I discover, be sure to follow my DIY Crystal Crafts board over on Pinterest.


So which one are you dying to try out for yourself?  Do you have your own Crystal DIY project you’d like to share?  Tell us about it in the comments below.